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Build Your Website Without Using Code

You have a business. Businesses are like children. They need to grow. In the beginning, you care for them. Businesses grow when they provide value you exchange with other people. Eventually, the business takes care of you.

Businesses need to grow by getting more new customers. You can get more new visitors with advertising, but advertising is expensive and doesn't always work. The new way to find new customers is with search engines. Every day people search for what they need. Search engines provide a source of new customers. Search engine show the websites that meet those needs. Your business can be one of those websites.


The new business you can have from your own website. Imagine your website done. Imagine making your website without installing anything, without themes, without templates, without plugins, even without drag-and-drop. Imagine making your website yourself from your smart phone. Now you can.

Bytique is a way to build your website in muinutes using your smart phone. Just answer some questions, add your information, auto fill a form, and publish. The value is immediately obvious. There is no coding, no designing, no plugins and no configuring. You just fill in a form by answering questions and publish.


You can do this yourself from your smart device without using code. Your home page can be built in less than one minute. Each web page can be made in a few minutes. Bytique is revolutionary form-based web page builder.


You will know why you have much more value with Bytique. All websites include your Logo, Menu, Main Image with Caption, original paragraphs, Map and directions, Contact Form, Click-to-Call Phone.

Your web pages are designed to meet or exceed all known web standards. All web pages are immediately listed with Google, Yahoo and Bing. You and your visitors can immediately share your website to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. You get even more value that is built-in. Bytique gets exceptional results with search engines without advertising. You can make your website by yourself from your device in minutes without code.


Your website can be converted into a web app for iPhone, Android and Windows smart phones. Just upload your icons and your launch screen with a gentle reminder for your visitors to save your website to their screen. Make your web pages from your device in minutes without using code.


There is nothing else like it. Bytique is a unique new web page authoring engine that is free to build, takes just minutes to make from your smart phone and performs better than most other websites. According to Google's website tester, Bytique pages are far superior to WordPress, WIX, Weebly, SquareSpace, Website Builder and many others. You can make your website from your your own device in minutes without using code. But don't take our word for it. Prove it to yourself. It’s FREE to START and the time to start is NOW! Let's get started!