About Us

I’m Randy West

I’m a practical affiliate marketer and founder of Bytique.com

I made over $100,000 with one website. Then I started this website to show you how I did it. This is where I share my best Affiliate Marketing tips and tricks. I love to show people how to make money online.

I started affiliate marketing in 2015. It began with Craigslist. I was living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was looking for a job and saw an ad to drive a brand new car for Uber and split the income. I seemed like a fit because I didn’t have a car at the time and I had a clean driving record.

After a few weeks of driving around San Francisco, I got a sign-up bonus. When I got my bonus, the owner of the car also got a bonus – and began looking for a new driver. That’s when I realized that he was more interested in getting the bonus than his half of the weekly income.

That’s also when I realized I could get bonuses by signing up new Uber drivers. Only I wouldn’t do that with a new car; I would do it with a website. A little background:

I had been making websites for some time. I had studied graphic design and journalism in college. Then I became a Certified Professional Photographer and owned a studio in Santa Fe. I began building web pages in 2003 with Dream Weaver, Bootstrap and then WordPress. I became a WordPress professional, which led to being a Word Camp Ranger at San Francisco in 2013 and 2014.

Photo of Randy and his friend Sandy sharing a laugh at Tipi Coffee in Danang, Vietnam.
Photo of Randy and his friend Sandy sharing a laugh at Tipi Coffee in Danang, Vietnam.

Over the years I’ve made thousands of web pages on hundreds of hosts with dozens of platforms. Today I’m a Digital Nomad, and I love it!

Today I coach people on how they can build a location-independent income with affiliate marketing. You can learn more about this business on Bytique. There is something you know, or would like to know, better than anyone. You don’t have to be an expert.

I care about your success, regardless of what you decide. If you want some help sorting it all out, we can talk for 30 minutes. There is no charge and this is is not a sales call. I will give you my honest best opinion and information with real value.

One service I offer is to build your website or host your website at Bytique. This gives you an easy way to log in and receive support and even personal service, if and when you need it.

You can view and download my résumé, randallgwest.pdf here.

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Bytique was founded by Randy West a few years ago. Originally, Bytique was planned as an alternative to WordPress architecture. However, that project was abandoned when the ideas were built into the Acabado theme by Income School.