About Us

My name is Randall West. My friends call me Randy.

I’m a web designer, web developer and WordPress advocate. I made my first website in 2003, tapsuccess.com, and I still own and operate it today. I am self-taught, as most web folks are. I joined MeetUps for WordPress when I moved to California. I was a Ranger for WordCamp San Francisco in 2013 and 2014, which is where I met Matt Mullenweg.

In the very beginning, there were really no good software programs, so I coded most pages by hand in HTML. Since that time, I have built, owned or managed hundreds of websites and web stores and spent thousands of hours perfecting them. I use both WordPress and Bootstrap. I know some code – PHP – and I have some friends who are very good at it. My background is rather diverse, but looking back, I can follow how the dots connect.

In Corvallis my hobby was photography. My father’s hobby was photography and I had learned how to develop black and white images by helping my father in his darkroom. I am primarily a visual artist. When I lived in Corvallis, Oregon, I studied Graphic Design and Printing Technology at Linn-Benton Community College in Albany.

I also studied journalism and photo journalism. While I was there I was Staff Photographer for the school newspaper, The Commuter. Most weeks the photo was on the front page and the next year I was made Photo Editor.

When my beloved wife, Judi, and I moved to Santa Fe, I opened a studio and gallery. I was a PPA Certified Professional Photographer. I owned and operated Expressions photography studio and gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA for about twenty years (from 1987 until about 2007).

Then photography (as we knew it) died.

It took just seven years to go from film (less than one percent digital) to digital (less than one percent film). This will probably happen in a similar way as we transition from gas to electric cars.

I began by making a website for my studio. Then I made websites for Judi and my friends. Soon I was the webmaster for The Message Company. James was the original pioneer of Spirituality in Business and the founder of the World-Wide conference on the subject in Acapulco.

In my spare time, I worked on my BA in Psychology at UC Santa Cruz. I am an ordained reverend from the New Mexico Theological Seminary. I also worked on a PhD in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. The school is unaccredited, but most of us prefer it that way. Like most entrepreneurs, including Steve Jobs, I didn’t let school get in the way of my learning.

I love personal work, tho I doubt if other people get that impression of me. I am very much a kinesthetic, tactile, active introvert. I feel things deeply and prefer to think about them for a long time. Along the way I took about ten of the workshops at the Human Awareness Institute at Harbin Hot Springs. I also have a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate.

Enough about me.

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