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Bytique Personal

Bytique websites are the best way to be 'right side up' with your website. Many internet gurus try to sell you stuff you don't need or buy ten years of something you will only need for a couple of years. Don't buy that line. Instead, consider Bytique. By spending a little and learning what works for you, you can easily make a profit quickly. Once you understand this, you can improve that and scale it to make more.

Set-up for you
Bytique create an account for you, then makes a customized website based on your industry and business name. Your information is used to make this website for you. Once this is finished, you will receive an email with our idea on a temporary subdomain. You can edit this website by logging into your account, or you can request that we make the chages for you.

Custom Theme
Each website starts with a theme that is chosen for your industry, with added sample titles, words and images, sections and pages and contact form. Once this is finished, your website can be customized by clicking any part to add, delete or replace it. Sections and pages can be added or deleted with a simple click.

Custom Color
Each website includes branding colors. This helps your clients and customers identify you and helps them feel comfortable knowing they are on the right website for your business. These colors can be changed by logging into your account or you can request that we change them for you.

Custom Font
Fonts are the letter styles. These help identify the brand for your business. We will choose a font that compliments the theme and your business. However, this font can be easily changed by logging into your account or you can request that we change it for you.

Mobile Design
All Bytique websites are mobile-friendly with a responsive design. This allows your message to show on both Apple and Android smartphone and other mobile devices, and easily adapt to iPads, laptops and larger screens.

Website Hosting
All Bytique websites include space on our Web Servers. This is included with all plans and ensures that your website has a fast connection and is available to the world.

Rapid Pages
All Bytique website pages are designed to be fast-loading. Nobody likes a slow website. Many website features look good to your visitors, but can cost you because people are impatient and don't wait for slow websites.

Blog Ready
All Bytique websites are Blog Ready. Blogs are an excellent way to attract new visitors to your new website. This is done by answering questions people ask Google and other search engines. This is best done on a page by page basis. When your page matches the words a visitor typed into Google, your page will be included in the search results.

SSL Security
All Bytique websites include an SSL. This helps secure your website against attacks. This also means that you can accept payments and they will be handled safely.

Step-by-Step Add-ons
All Bytique websites include the option for more sections and pages. A section is a part of a page with a special focus. This can be a photo gallery, contact form or 'about us'.

24/7 Sales/Support
All Bytique website accounts include Sales and Support by phone and email for your technilcal issues. Support by phone is US based and available in English at any time.


(If you are undecided, start here - you can always upgrade)

Bytique Business

Once you understand the basics, a Bytique Business account is the next step. By now you understand organic search and how to use search engines for free advertising. You also know how to make a profit, and what works for you. A Bytique Business account gives you more tools to get your website to do the work for you. This gives you more time for the fun parts of your business.

Affiliate Support
All Bytique Business accounts include support for affiliate sales. Affiliate Marketing is the cornerstone of eCommerce and your own website is the best way to own your market.

PayPal Buy Now Button
Buy Now buttons from PayPal are a good way to monetize your website. There is a good way to do this and a not-so-good way to do this. When you do this correctly, you can easily make some extra sales from your creative work. Your website can sell this over and over again while you sleep.

PayPal Donate Button
The donate button from PayPal allows you more freedom to let your customers increase the amount they will pay. This is a good way to increase sales without changing prices. When you do this correctly, you can add more income.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO is a very misunderstood subject. Bytique has a feature that facilitates your SEO but it only works when you understand it. The Bytique videos available to our members teach SEO in detail. This is a powerful tool and it's good to have.

Bytique Business Plus

Affiliate Consults
Once you understand the basics, a Bytique Business account is the next step. All Bytique accounts include custom consultations for fuller scaleability based on your market niche. Healthy websites can become more profitable and profitable websites can be evaluated and sold for market value.

Social Media Integration
The proper use of Social Media is to fee your website with fresh new visitors from other platforms. This expands your reach and introduces your brand to a wider audience. This is best done after you have an established website and understand your customer.

Share Content to Facebook
Use Facebook rather than Facebook using you. Facebook is not your website. Facebook is a marketing platform designed to use your data. The best use of Facebook is to use this powerful platform to feed your website and own your market.

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