Add cookie & tracking alert to my website

Like most websites, Bytique uses “cookies,” small data files, to track visitors' movements across a site. Under the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation, websites are now required to give visitors from all EU countries the option of accepting the placement of data files in their browsers or leaving your site.

Adding a Cookies & Tracking section gives your visitors a way to do exactly that.

example cookie notice

Note: The Cookies & Tracking section works hand-in-hand with Bytique's Privacy Policy section.

    To add a Cookies & Tracking notice on your website, go to Site Settings.

    Open Site Settings

    Scroll down the list and click on Cookies & Tracking.

    Open Cookies & Tracking

    Click to enable Show cookie notification. Edit the Title and Message, if desired, and scroll down.

    Enable Show cookie notification

    Click to enable Website Performance Tracking and when you are ready, click Publish.

    Enable Website Performance Tracking

    You will have to Publish your site in order to see the Privacy Notice in action.