Add logo to my website header

Since the header section appears on every page, adding a clean, simple logo can give your site added graphic punch. The logo is linked automatically to your site's home page.

  1. Log in to your Bytique account and open your website. (Need help opening your website?)

  2. Click Edit/Edit Site.

  3. Click the Site Settings panel. Click Pages and then click Home.

    Open the Site Settings panel and click Pages

  4. Click Home

  5. In the Sections sidebar, click Header.

    Click Header

  6. Click the Logo panel.

    Click Logo

  7. Click Upload Logo and browse to the image you want to use.

    Click Upload Logo

    Note: You don't need to empty the text field when using a logo.

  8. Use the slider to adjust the logo's size and click Done.

    Adjust slider to change logo size

    Note: A checked background means the image has a transparent background, which lets the header's background color show through.

    Transparent image lets Header background color show

  9. Your changes are saved automatically so when you're finished, click Preview to see the results When you are ready to publish your site, you can use our free subdomain, use your domain or you can buy a new domain from us.

  10. When you're ready to make the changes public, click Publish Site or Publish.

    Note: If you want to use another image or return to a text logo, click Remove Logo at bottom of the Logo panel.