Change a page name on my website

As you build your site or reorganize it, you may need to change the names of some pages to better identify their content for your visitors.

  1. Log in to your Bytique account and open your website. (Need help opening your website?)
  2. Select Edit/Edit Site.
  3. Select Pages in the upper left of My Site panel.

    Click pages menu

  4. Find the page you want to change in the list that appears, select the dots at its right edge and choose Page Settings.

    Select page name text and enter new name

  5. Enter the new Page Title, then select Done and your change appears in the list of pages.

    Enter new name

    Note: The Page Title field displays a count of how many characters are left before you hit its 25-character limit.

  6. Click Done

  7. Select Preview to see the changes, which are saved automatically.

  8. When you're ready to make the changes public, select Publish Site or Publish.