Change section layouts

You can change the layout used for any section. The layouts are tailored for each section type, whether it's a header, photo gallery or subscribe section.

  1. Log in to your Bytique account and open your website. (Need help logging in?)

  2. Select Edit/Edit Site.

  3. Select the section whose layout you want to change, select Layout at the top right.

    Select the section you want to change

  4. Note: Use the Accent buttons to change the background color and the Alignment buttons to change the section's text.

    Select the Layout arrow

  5. Select the > in the Layout panel, scroll through the layouts and select the one you like.

    Note: To change the layout for another section, repeat Steps 3-4.

  6. Select Done and your changes are saved automatically.

  7. When you're finished, select Preview to see the result.

  8. If you're happy with the results, select Publish Site or Publish.