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Bytique is a powerful tool for making websites quickly, easily and without code or experience. You can make your first website in under an hour from your smartphone. You can learn as you go. Let's get started.

1. We recommend that you start with a free account here. Create my account

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2. Choose your builder. To begin, we recommend you start with the Personal builder. You can always upgrade (or downgrade) as your needs change.

Bytique Personal

sales one

After your purchase, click All Products, then Websites (Smartphone) or Websites (laptop)

After your purchase

Click Websites

Click on Websites

4. Go to Site Settings. On a smartphone it will be at the bottom of the page.

Click Site Settings on smartphone

On a laptop screen, it will be in the right margin.

On laptop screens, the Site Settings is in the right margin

Click Site Settings on laptop

5. Click Site Profile to enter your business information.

Click Site Profile

6. Enter your business information. This will include your Site Name (Required), Business Category (also required), Email, Address, Phone. All of these can be changed as needed.

Enter your business information

Settings are saved automatically, however if you are changing this information, you may need to edit this information. If something needs to be changed, click Edit, then click on the information that needs to be changed. An Edit box will pop up from below (smartphone) or open in the right margin (laptop). Change the information and click Done.