Create or change blog categories

By creating blog categories and assigning them to posts, you can control where individual posts appear. You can create the categories on the fly, as well as change them later on.

Note: Before diving into creating categories, you need to Add a blog to my website and Create blog posts.

  1. Log in to your Bytique account and open your website. (Need help opening your Bytique website?)

  2. Click Edit/Edit Site.

  3. Click Open in the My Blog panel.

    click My Blog button

  4. Click the Manange button.

    Click Manage

  5. When the Manage Blog window appears, find the post you want to categorize, click the three-dot button next to that post and choose Edit Post.

    Click the three dots menu

  6. Click Edit Post

  7. Click the settings button next to the post's Publish button.

    Click Settings button next to Publish

  8. Enter your first category in the Category name field and click Add.

    Enter category and click Add

  9. Repeat Step 6 if you want to add more categories immediately (or come back to this step later).

  10. Select the category (or categories) you want to apply to the post.

    Select category and click Publish

    Note: If you want to continue categorizing other posts before publishing, click Posts in main window to return to the Manage Blog window.

    Click Posts

  11. When you're done categorizing, click Publish. (A Published! confirmation window appears.)

    Click Publish

    Click to close the Publish confirmation window.

    Publish confirmation window appears

  12. Click Posts in upper left, and when the Manage Blog window appears, the now-published post displays the assigned category or categories.

    Category appears with post