How I made money in my sleep

How to Uber without a car. I used to be an Uber driver. I made more money by NOT being an Uber driver. I am going to tell you exactly how I did it – and how you can do it, too. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here is my story.

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which businesses reward registered affiliates with commissions for sales, usually through links from websites or through social media.

My name is Randy West, and I am an Affiliate Marketer. And no one is more surprised than me. I have been building websites online since 2003. I was successful with Google Ads but didn’t know it. (I was separated from my wife and the Google checks went to her address.)

Success almost by accident

Now I am successful with affiliate marketing. This is the story of how I became successful. I am writing this to help you become successful, too.

Links are usually direct referrals. Cookies expire after a specified period of time, usually from one to 30 days. Affiliates are paid after a 30-day guarantee and results are tallied.

Of all the stereotypes we hear about the Internet, there is perhaps none so enduring as the one about making money in your sleep. Well, last October, I realized I was in that happy situation myself. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

$299 per Month?

When I “retired” a few years ago at age 65, I was faced with a sobering reality. Social Security was not going to cover my expenses. Not even close.

I had been a self-employed photographer most of my life. As a self-employed person, I was responsible for paying my self-employment taxes. As most of you know, photographers like big pieces of black plastic with some new technology inside.

Like many self-employed people, I had the choice of buying new things for the business or putting money away for a rainy day. Well, I could have been more responsible. Instead, I chose to buy new stuff for my business.

I knew the day would come when I would need that rainy day fund, but I didn’t think about it much. I knew there would be a rainy day. I was busy enjoying my life and making pictures. Fast-forward to that rainy day.

That time has come

I began looking at other ways to make money. I had the goal of being an affiliate marketer, but I’d initially done what almost everyone does when they have an goal without a plan: absolutely nothing.

The gap between having a goal and having a referral marketing business seemed too enormous to undertake, especially when it would have to be combined with, you know, actually working for a living.

I’d always dreamed of having an affiliate marketing business where I could set my own hours. Work when I want on my laptop on the beach in some exotic location. (Reality check: Affiliate marketers don’t take their laptops to the beach.)

I thought it would be great to have the money roll in while I traveled to some beautiful remote location. I started a lot of entrepreneurial projects, but all of them just wasted my spare time. Now I am traveling and living a referral marketing lifestyle. I work when and how I choose.

Enter The Real World

But then something unusual happened in the real world. I answered an ad in Craigslist. It said “Drive my car for Uber, insurance and gas provided, we split the ride fares”. OK, I thought, why not?

I clicked the link to sign up for Uber and got started. I picked up his car and began driving the streets of San Francisco. I had always wanted to know what it was like to drive a cab. This was close enough.

A $500 Bonus

What surprised me was the size of the bonus and the ease with which it arrived. A $500 bonus notification popped up on my phone after an Uber trip. That bonus was deposited into my checking account the very next week. I had cash in hand. Nice!

Then it occurred to me that I didn’t have to drive to get paid. The owner of the car received his referral bonus when I got my driving bonus. All I had to do was make Uber referrals.

I knew I could do that. Since I build websites for a living, I built a website to refer drivers to Uber. And then… nothing happened.

What I didn’t know at the time, was Google ‘quarantines’ your web pages for about six months. During this time, your page will be tested to determine it’s place in the search results pages.

After six months, is when I started to see results. (That’s probably when you start to see results, too.) I promptly forgot about this website, and started working on my other projects.

$10,000 in Bonuses!

Months went by. Then… I received a referral bonus. Small, but real. Then another, and another. Some weeks went by without bonuses. Then I got a big bonus. Wow.

Soon the bonuses were showing up almost regularly. By October the bonuses added up to $10,000! Just two months later, I made another $5,000 from referral marketing!

Affiliate Marketing Works!

Fast-forward to February 2017 and I am making an average of $1,000 per week. Net! Take-home! Deposited into my bank account! Automatically! With affiliate marketing! From the one website I had created in 2015.

Some of you reading will think $1000 per week isn’t a big income. Others reading this will think it’s a lot. Whether you think that $1,000 per week is a lot or a little isn’t important to me.

The significance to me is that I get this income while I sleep. I get to work when and how I want and the money comes to me automatically. Below is the chart for the actual income I made from this Uber referral marketing website.

$100,000 from one website

Uber Invite Code searches on Google Trends for Bytique dot com.
Uber Invite Code searches on Google Trends for Bytique dot com.

The above chart from Google Trends shows the relative levels of search terms. Originally, I registered Uber Invite Code (which is the blue line). Then I realized that many more people were searching for Uber Promo Code (which is the red line). Also shown are the relative numbers for Uber Without a Car (the green line), Uber Driver App (the purple line) and Uber Eats Promo Code (the yellow line).

It is very exciting to wake up to extra money. I can tell you it is even more fun knowing that money will be deposited in the account every week. I can’t begin to describe the freedom that comes with automatic income. The sense of openness and relaxation is incredible!

It means I can live anywhere. I am finally rewarded for my creativity and original thinking in ways I never knew existed. I want to tell everyone. I want to help people realize they don’t have to work so hard.

I built one website in December 2015. Just this one website has made me over $15,000 the first year. This one website has an average of $1,000 per week for over three years. Just one website has made over $100,000.

I made another website. And then another and another. I got good at affiliate marketing. It’s interesting work.

Ups and downs

There are ways to screw it up. I made other websites that didn’t work so well. I need to say here that these results are NOT typical. Your mileage may vary.

I know lots and lots of people who have tried this business and failed. They don’t understand how it works. They try too hard. There are many people who don’t get it. I understand that.

At the beginning, it’s like being in a room with the lights out. There is furniture inside this room but you don’t know what or where. Until you can find the light switch, you won’t know what you are doing.

There are two parts

The content part is something that almost anyone can learn. Many people know part of this but they aren’t getting results. The writing is a bit complicated and needs to follow some rules.

However, most people are following the wrong rules. They are writing for the robots and the spiders. They write for the machines and not for the people.


The technology is a little more complicated, but I can make it easier for you. I soon realized that all of the web pages followed a similar formula. That’s because they all need to follow the same rules. I built a plan that I follow for making these websites. Sometimes I code them myself and sometimes I use WordPress.

If you have never made money with affiliate or referral marketing, I can tell you from my own experience, that it is too big a jump to go from zero to millions. The limitation isn’t as much of a physical one, but more a limitation of your awareness.


Most people need to make adjustments as they progress. These adjustments can be rapid, but in my experience, not immediate. First, you need to find your niche.

  1. find what is in demand
  2. find how much supply there is, and
  3. find a way to help people get what they want

When the supply exceeds the demand, you are wasting your time: stop. When there is a demand without adequate supply you have an opportunity. Once you understand what is happening and what works, you can, no doubt, exceed my results.

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