How to Choose a New Domain

Before you purchase a new domain, here are some tips from my own experience when choosing a new domain for your business.

Your domain name is your brand throughout the world. It’s not just the name of your website – it’s much more than that. In many ways the domain name is far more important than a Copyright, Trade Mark or Patent.

• If you already own a domain name with a different domain registrar…you’re good to go and can proceed to the next step!
• If you do not already own a domain of your own, we’d recommend purchasing a brand new domain from Bytique.
• Pick a market which you have an interest in: your passion, hobby, something that excites you in life!
• For domain choice assistance, check out the “Crucial Tips for Choosing Domain Names” section below.
• Purchase your Domain Name at least a week before an event, as it takes a couple days to get your website up and running!

Crucial Tips For Choosing Domain Names

Use “.com”
Do your best to only use the “.com” extension because it’s the most universally recognized extension.
(Other extensions are “.net” or “.org” or “.biz” or “.info” or “.us”)

Short and Sweet

Make it easy for your first time visitors to remember your site, and refer it to their friends and family by making your domain name as short and concise as possible. (E.g.: is better than

Avoid Trademarks

Avoid using a trademark in your domain as you will probably receive a letter or an email from the company for trademark infringement.

Make It Memorable

Your domain name should be easy to remember, spelled and pronounced. Contain Keyword(s) – Use at least one keyword relevant to your niche. (E.g.: If your niche is football shoes, try; If your niche is weight loss, you can try

Combining Words

Beware of combining words in your domain name that end and start with the same letter because it often leads to mistyped domains.

Steer Clear Of Hyphens

Website visitors often forget to type in hyphens which result in losing traffic to other websites (often your competitors) that don’t have hyphens in their domain names (E.g.: or

Singular vs. Plural

If you are unsure of whether to go with singular or plural version for your domain name, just go with the one that makes most sense. If you are still unsure, just get both and redirect the traffic from one to the other. (E.g.: vs.

Local Businesses

If you have a local business, consider including the geographic keyword in the domain name.

Avoid Number Substitutions

Do not use numbers to substitute words as it will confuse your website visitors. (E.g.: vs. An exception to this rule is when the number is obviously not a word. (E.g.: “123” is used in

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