How To Get Leads for Your Business

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How To Get Leads for Your Business

Even if You Are a Beginner



I have a confession to make. I’m allergic to advertising. That’s an odd thing for an affiliate marketer to say, but it’s true. This article is about how to get leads for your business, even – no, especially – if you are a beginner.


Business Leads are often called “prospects” or on websites, they are called “visitors”. Businesses want more leads to send them through their sales process, often called a “funnel”. It’s called a funnel because many quit along the way, with only a few becoming “clients” or “customers”. This is how to get leads for your business, even if you are a beginner.

In this blog post I’m going to give you a quick guide about getting traffic, leads and sales for your business. I used to be a beginner and this is my own personal experience.

Back in 2003 I was brand new to online digital marketing and I had made my first real website for my photography studio. This was before YouTube (2005) and Twitter (2006).

Then I realized I could make money with websites, but honestly was struggling to get ANY traffic to my website, let alone get any leads or sales.

Later, I found some useful info though which helped me to get some pretty good results and I’ll share it with you here.

So where to get traffic?

Most people start with Social Media. It is free, right? They want you to join and make pages, right?

Social Media platforms are some of the most popular places to get traffic for your website, because when done correctly:

1) Traffic is free.

2) It comes in daily without fail.

3) The people visiting are mostly from the western world (this is where most online buyers are!!)

4) They are already pre qualified and interested in what you have to offer!

5) They very easily convert into warm and hot visitors.

6) An easy low cost way to build an email marketing list in any niche.

But, there’s a problem.

Readers will know that I don’t recommend Social Media in general, so why did I say this?

Because there’s a difference between using Social Media and being used by Social Media.

Here’s what I mean. Those are the billionaire big players on the internet. I don’t have to tell you that they are not giving your web space out of the goodness of their hearts.

You should take the parts that serve you and leave the rest. How do you do that? Easy! Here is how I (and you) can get more leads for your business.

There are two ways to sell products: advertising and recommendations. Advertisers pay them big money to show their ads.

Referrals are usually called Affiliate Marketing. Advertising is more general – they don’t know who sees their advertising.

Referrals are much focused – more targeted – these are recommendations from one person to another. Referrals are more direct and cheaper for the supplier, and more profitable for the one making the recommendation.

Build your own website. Then use the Social Media for your advertising. The same folks that visit YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, can also be your customers. But, I’m getting ahead of myself…

I built my first website before most of the modern Social Media. I had to learn how to get my own leads for my business.

One of the problems you might encounter being an affiliate and promoting other people products is that when you first get started you don’t get the results you expect.

This happened to me. In fact I was struggling to make any money at all.

How was I going to get leads for my business when I was only a beginner?

I was getting very few leads and no sales.


Then I learned that there’s something that affiliate marketing companies don’t always tell you. And that is:

That most of their affiliates ALL use the same marketing material that the company gives them.

For example: The same standard capture/squeeze/opt-in pages. The same blog posts. The same videos. The same emails to send to visitors, etc.

When you sign up for an affiliate account, the company often directs you to their ‘creatives’. These creatives, are cookie-cutter ads that everyone is using.

So you quickly see that there is a big problem. They are all the same! Your affiliate marketing looks like all the others.

You will probably be competing with lots of other affiliates who are all using the exact same webpages and content as you.

If you have a storefront that looks like this: “” You’re screwed. Google and the other search engines will see that as the company website, not yours.

You will not get any visitors to that website unless you pay to send them there. That’s expensive!

Now while this is an easy way for a newbie to get started. You’ll get so much better results if you learn to be UNIQUE in the market place and learn how to easily create your own marketing pages and content.

It’s even more important if you are paying for traffic. I can tell you from personal experience that Google Ads can eat your lunch.

Even one sale can mean much more if you didn’t have to spend advertising to get it. Getting leads for your business as a beginner means you have to watch your budget.

You must maximize your results for the best return on investment and of course platforms like Google and Facebook are not going to tolerate lots of ads and posts going to webpages that all have the same content. That would be a terrible experience for their users.

Besides, they want to serve lots of ads and they don’t like competition. Your purpose on their website is to begin more Visitors for their advertisers, not yours!


In order to speak to your customer, you need to define your customer. More correctly, you need to define your perfect customer.

As soon as I learned how to be unique, my results sky rocketed. It all starts by knowing exactly who your perfect customer is.

This is absolutely critical because if you are trying to market to everyone, your message won’t be specific enough and you’ll reduce your results.

This is one of the secrets to public speaking, too. They often are too general in their presentation and it speaks to no one. The best public speakers choose one of their friends or family and speak to that person. This works.

When public speakers visualize or select one person – and define that person – and speak to them directly, it translates to nearly everyone in the room! People feel as if the speaker is speaking directly to them.

Writers can do the same thing. They can answer the question as if it came from some one person they know. Then they can speak directly to that person and explain what they are saying.

By using the simple ‘Define Your Perfect Customer’ formula you will know precisely how to attract the right visitors and leads to your online business.

By the way, this also should be quickly followed up by reading about ‘Landing Pages’ and how to focus your message to your market.

Next you need to understand the ‘Customer Value Journey’ and how to create or source appropriate content to smoothly move your visitor to a decision to buy from you and become a customer.

This is a proven, systematic way of approaching your digital marketing guaranteed to ensure maximum profit.

It’s also important that you understand that depending on where your visitor is on the value journey a different marketing approach is required.

Because the ultimate aim is of course that they become your CUSTOMER.

It’s often ineffective to directly offer a brand new visitor who has just found you something to buy.

A good example is dating. Maybe your hormones want it, but you don’t ask for marriage on the first date. Do you?

You need to ‘warm up’ your visitors first and there is an extremely effective way you can do this which we’ll cover in a minute.

When it comes to lead generation you can massively increase your numbers simply by learning how to create your own lead capture pages (also known as squeeze/landing/opt-in pages).

What I did know was how to build simple, effective websites. So that’s what I did.

It took a while, but I eventually found a good affiliate product to promote. I was very lucky, as we will see very soon.

I did this with one website that generated a living income in a short time.

I soon realized that people were searching for this product with particular key words. More accuratly, this product was offered in different cities – Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, etc.

So, I made different landing pages for each city. I didn’t fully realize it at the time, but this was brilliant. Because each Visitor landed on the city page they were expecting, they converted very well.

Pretty cool. right?

And from those leads I’ve earned tens of thousands of dollars in commissions just promoting other peoples’ products.


By using my own simple landing pages I’ve generated tens of thousands of leads into that particular system. And, that’s just one part of my business!

When you can do this and understand the psychology behind creating high converting pages you will never need to worry about the competition.

You will BE the competition.

This is exactly what I did with the affiliate marketing website. I create my own website. Then I made a page for each city that people were asking for. Then I answered the questions they were asking. Then my visitors clicked to sign up or get more information from my web page.

This took them to the sign-up page with my affiliate link. Ta dah! Nearly every day I woke up to more money in my account. I got paid every week. And that was from just one website.

You can go a step further than that, though.


Not only can you create your own unique landing pages but you can also create your own ‘Lead Magnets’.

Once you have some experience with this process, you have some extra skill or understanding about your subject. You can write about this on your website or your blog.

You can gather this information together and organize it better. This could be in the form of a book, or e-book, or PDF, or info-graphic or a video or podcast. You could use all of these different media in the same way.

You can cross market these products. For example, you can show some things better in a video and you can describe some things, like graphs and charts, in a book. Now you can market the book to YouTube viewers, and the video to the book readers as an added value.

Lead Magnets can be the reason your visitors come to your website. It’s a new creation that has all the info they wanted in one place.

A Lead Magnet is worth trading their email address for. This process is sometimes called an “ethical bribe” but it is ethical and it works. Ideally, this should be something that doesn’t cost you money out-of-pocket and it should have high perceived value to your visitor.

Now, you can advertise your Lead Magnet as a reason to visit your website.

Your visitors got something of real value, free, in exchange for their email address. You also got something of value to you, their email address, without it costing you anything but your time.

These are the ultimate lead generation tools and are also used for ‘pre framing’ which will warm up your visitor and prepare them to make a purchase from you.

The process looks something like this:

By following this process you can create some great lead magnets that your competitors won’t have (even if they are affiliates of the same company as you).

Plus you will accelerate your visitor along the customer value journey much, much quicker while delivering real value.

Your visitor will quickly be sold on YOU and much more likely to become your customer.

Buying online is very much affected by TRUST and by delivering value up front more trust is developed which means more sales.

The same applies with lead generation.

Using a blog you can dramatically increase the number of leads you can generate. I call this the “Lead Waterfall“.

Using specially crafted blog posts and installing some simple plugins you can convert a normal blog into a lead waterfall.

People will love it because you will be giving them real value and it will work for you 24/7 bringing you already warmed up leads eager to find out more about your business and products.

This is a small sample of the powerful information that you’ll have access to in the Bytique membership site.

At Bytique we don’t just teach you how to get traffic, though.

We teach you everything you need to know BEFORE you get traffic and everything you need to know AFTER you’re getting traffic!

Because the truth is that getting traffic becomes easier and easier once you understand how to do this.

But what is the point if you don’t know how to convert that traffic to leads and sales? You’d just go bankrupt.

It’s also no good just sending traffic to the website your company gave you.

You need to be strategic to build your empire.

You want to have a successful home business and get to that level of success that will let you live your dream life.

Then you are probably making at least one of these 10 Biggest Website Mistakes.

Most people are. And it is ruining their chances of success.


I wrote “The Ten Biggest Website Mistakes – And How to Fix Them” in 2013. Recently I re-read that book and EVERYTHING has changed! So, I did what I would want any author to do. I re-wrote the book.

In fact, I completely re-wrote every page. Now, this book is a good example of a Lead Magnet. The people who bought this book will get a free copy of the new edition.

Every page is new for 2020. “The Ten Biggest Website Mistakes – AND How to Fix Them!SECOND EDITION is ready for publication.

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I hope you got real value from this blog, and if you did please visit my Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and like, comment and share.

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