How to Make More Sales

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How to Make More Sales

How to Make More Sales in Your Business!

In this post I’m going to share with you how to get more customers and make more sales.

The important thing to remember in order to make more sales is that you MUST know exactly who your customer is.

What their problems are. How they feel.

And what their desired outcome is.

You do this by first finding rapport with them.

How you do this most effectively is to share something about yourself, not in a self-centered way, but in a way that tells them you can relate to their problem.

This makes total sense when you think about it, yet I see people making this mistake again and again.

If I stopped to talk with a homeless person on the sidewalk, they would only see the outer appearance.

They probably would discount anything I said or dismiss it as nonsense because I didn’t know what I was talking about.

They might not even accept a donation. After all, who was I and what did I know about them?

Fair enough.

But what if…

I looked him or her right in the eye and I told them that when I was much younger I didn’t have a place to live.

Maybe I told them a little about myself.

Like how I got into that situation, and eventually, how I got myself out of it.

It probably would help if I briefly shared something that helped me get through that tough time, like ways to shower, or get better food, or other necessities.

Then if I handed that person a bit of money, they might accept the money, but also they might receive something extra:

  1. Of course they would get the money I gave them
  2. They might have some better insight into how to get out of their own situation
  3. They might also feel a bit more hopeful, knowing someone who got out of being homeless

This is just one example. There are many others…

Before and After

Something else that you can do to make more sales is to find a way to show a before and after.

You could list some of the challenges you had before and then how you felt after.

You could show a comparison, or something that was unexpected. A surprising side-effect of using your product. Something that will affect their life.

Challenges and Insights

What I am saying is that everyone has had some challenges and “learning experiences” and hopefully has gained some insight about life and maybe some coping skills from that experience.

It doesn’t really help anyone to go around spouting make more sales solutions at random.

Building Rapport

But when you can learn more about a particular situation, and then demonstrate that you have some insight into that situation, you show a deeper level of understanding.

When someone hears this, they begin listening to you.

A long time ago, two women wrote a a very insightful book called “How to Talk so Kids Will Listen, and Listen so Kids Will talk”

Of course, it’s the other way around – You need to listen first, and then kids will open up about their lives – but most people don’t hear it that way.

When you have a solution to their problem, you can you simply address their issue and offer your solution

If you get this right then making sales will be effortless and predictable

Watch the video for a full breakdown of how to apply this now…

You see, everyone has problems, but almost no one like to be sold.

That’s because selling for most people isn’t about listening, it’s about telling other people what to do.

And, that’s the problem I have with advertising vs. affiliate marketing.

In my mind, advertising to make more sales is all about pushing products onto people that they really don’t want.

Affiliate marketing, at least in my world, is about sharing a little of who I am, and the problems or challenges I have had, and then what I discovered that worked or didn’t work and what I learned from that experience.

Search Engines

One of the absolutely amazing things of the modern world is the search engine, because people can find what they need, no matter how rare or obscure or detailed their question.

One of the best insights into your customer is to ask yourself how they are feeling. What emotions do they feel that prompts them to open Google and make a search?

This means you need to predict those feelings and issues from your own experience. When you do this, it shows that do you do have some insight into their situation. It shows you can relate to what this person is feeling.

Oftentimes people try to match this feeling with keywords. That’s a good beginning, but in my experience, it’s probably not enough to be really successful.

The reason for this is that Google and the other search engines are getting very good at understanding human speech and language. The latest Google update is a good example.


One of the best things that happened in my life is directly related to this.

I was “hyper-active” as a child. Today it would be ADHD, although I was never diagnosed – that term hadn’t even been invented – it’s very clear to me now. It turns out, there were also lots of food allergies and sensitivities.

The foods I had reactions to were mostly what my family lived on. If I didn’t eat those foods, there wasn’t much I could eat. To compensate, my mother would dose me with copious amounts of liquid Benadryl. I would eat, react, and then get more Benadryl.

There were a few windows when I wasn’t reacting to something. I couldn’t focus when I was reacting to the foods I ate and I also couldn’t focus when I was on Benadryl.

Even in adulthood, I thought those were just childhood allergies and mostly ate whatever I wanted – and I was mostly reacting to something.

I chose a career as a photographer instead of graphic design because I did have a little understanding of the camera and I liked design, but what really attracted me was the speed of what I did.

Click. I only needed to focus for a short time.

When the computer became generally available, I began to see that I could use the short spans of time I had to focus on putting something together.

What I loved about this was that I could work on it, save it, and come back to it later and work on it some more.

I could also do this on the internet. I built websites – both for myself and for my friends and clients. What I loved about this was I could make the website work well.

Then every time some visitor would see the website, it would do the tasks perfectly every time. If there was a problem, I could fix it and then it was better.

In this way I was able to make my efforts count for more than just my time. I could accumulate that into something better. It turns out that was a very good lesson in life.

Decades later, there wasn’t anything to eat except the worst allergen. I overate this and it finally dawned on me that I had been reacting to environmental triggers nearly all of my life!

I made the decision to eliminate everything that caused even the slightest problem for me.

I began to test and avoid the foods that caused any reactions. As those issues receded, I began to focus on the real issues in my life. I met those challenges with the same enthusiasm. There were “enough” of those other issues, too!

One by one, I tackled the issues that blocked my success. I can tell you from experience that you need all of the essentials to be working. You can get four out of five blocks removed but still hit a roadblock.

Making Mistakes

Looking back, it probably would have much better if I had tried to live on water. Of course, I can’t go back, and I wouldn’t want to, now.

It’s an experience that I lived through in my life and I am richer for it. At some point, there is a level of awareness when we can be grateful for it all – the “good” and the “bad”. And, that’s where I am today.

It’s not all a bed of roses, but the change is so profound, I pinch myself nearly every morning. I love my life. I am grateful.

The reason I am saying this is because I feel sooooo much better now. I would like to help other people avoid the mistakes I made.

Today, I make more sales in a comfortable affiliate marketing business, and I enjoy life. I get to travel to interesting new places, and meet people, and try new foods.

Yes, I am making more sales, but that’s only what can be measured. The enjoyment of life is so much more than just sales. I enjoy helping people.

I am content and ready for more.

You’re here because of something you put into Google, or some other search engine, or followed somebody’s recommendation, because I don’t advertise. I’m glad you’re here.

Along the way, there were people who helped me. Now it’s my turn to help. I have found what works for me. I have collected a bunch of tools that I think will work for you, too.

If you are struggling to make more sales in your business, maybe you have something similar. Perhaps there is something of value for you in my experience.

Maybe there is something you know that I don’t. If so, I would like to hear from you. Or perhaps you have a question or comment about something I said here. If so, I would really like to hear it.

If you want to have a successful affiliate marketing business but still can’t get to that level of success that will let you live your dream life.

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