Special Offer


You are here because you are a creative person (or you want to be), you want to save the world (or at least help), or you want to make an extra income doing good things. We can help.

You’re a busy person. Here is the best offer we can make you:

We build your website (within reason) to help you get started, we host your website (on our own private-labeled world-class server) and you make the money.


We build with the current version of WordPress with minimal plugins, provide regular backups, upgrades to faster hosting when it’s needed (more visitors, means more capacity), WooCommerce when you need a web store. We have domains, email (at your domain), SSLs, Security, Backups, Upgrades, Email Marketing, and more, or you can use yours.

What you get:

We pay for building and installing the website. You pay for the hosting (and a domain name). Hosting starts around

Bytique uses the Neve theme with our own specially customized child-theme. A child theme in WordPress is almost essential. All of your customizations will be wiped out with any theme upgrade. Your child theme keeps them in place.


The Bytique staff works 24/7, which means we are working right now. We can help you with many questions. We speak English and many of us are bilingual. Bytique hires smart people that are very helpful. How can we help you?

What you need to get started:

You will need an international bank card (Visa or MasterCard). Bytique accepts many currencies and has documents in many languages. You can pay per month or get a discount when you pay by the year.

Speaking of discounts:

You get 15% off any order over $50 with this code:


Once you have paid for your hosting, send us an email. Email us with your account number or Username, Password and PIN. We will build and install your website on your account. This should only take a couple days.

Once the site is built, you can begin adding images, posts and pages. There may be an extra charge and it may take slightly longer for a web store.

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