Web Commerce

Web Commerce

Small Screens mean Big Business

Whatever you call it – Online Commerce, or Electronic Commerce, shortened to e-commerce, or in the spontaneous smartphone world, Mobile Commerce, shortened to m-commerce, it’s big business. The small screen gets many times more hits than the big screen for most search terms.

Mobile Commerce is promoting or selling online products on pages or platforms designed and optimized for the smartphone sized screen. Optimizing for mCommerce, includes reducing the size and increasing the speed, as well as optimizing other aspects of the web page delivery.

According to Wikipedia, the term mobile commerce was coined by Kevin Duffey at the Global Mobile Commerce Forum in 1997, to mean “the delivery of electronic commerce capabilities directly into the consumer’s hand, anywhere, via wireless technology.

Spontaneously searched items are most likely seen on smaller screens. Web stores specializing in these products are more profitable when optimized for these screens.

WordPress has revolutionized the user-friendly world of web design with the blog software. This eventually revolutionized the website world and is now focusing on the web store with the addition of Woo Commerce. Online stores can be made with the standard tools.

WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin are free to download and install on any self-hosted variety like, Bytique. Many of the WooCommerce add-ons that are designed to compliment the WooCommerce functions are paid plugins. Even so, this is standard code. Many people are available to adapt, repair or customize this software, which is not true for competitors.

WordPress Ecommerce

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