Web Design

Web Design

You’re here because you are just starting out and want an overview of the website or the business, in general. Or maybe you’re here because you aren’t happy with your website for some reason. Perhaps your website needs an update or an added function.

Web design is the process of visualizing, planning, and building a set of web pages with colors, fonts, structure, graphics, images, and other features to show your site visitors. This is done with HTML or tools, such as Dream Weaver or Photoshop. Good web design helps make your business appear credible online.

Web Design

Generally speaking, modern Web Design is made up of several component parts: database, code and theme. WordPress, for example, is code that installs the database and comes with a default theme. A quick look on the Internet will show endless themes for WordPress websites.

Web Hosting

Bytique is a web hosting company with a focus on web design and affiliate marketing. We know your goal is to motivate, inform, or educate your visitors – your customers and clients – toward taking action. We can help you. Every website, and indeed every web page, has a different focus, and a different goal.

Web Speed

Sometimes getting to that goal is a design issue, sometimes you need added functions, and sometimes you just need email marketing or a faster website load time. Web hosting companies often don’t or won’t help you with code, and the website developers often don’t want anything to do with hosting.

Web Themes

We have themes that you can choose from as part of our service. We can customize themes for you. We can make your child theme so your changes don’t get wiped out by updates. We can give you an overview of how your website is serving your business. We can help you change themes or make your website faster or more responsive to screen sizes.


Your website IS your business. New ideas can be the beginning of something great. We love hearing how you will change the world. We want to help. Sometimes this means doing something new with your website. Most web hosts can only focus on keeping the servers running. Designers often focus only on their themes. We focus on your success.

What do you need?

What do you need for your website? Where are you and where are you going? How do you want to get there? Ask us, here.