You Need Acabado Theme for Affiliate Marketing

You’re here because your business could be better, because you need some extra money, you don’t like your job, or you retired without enough income. You need a WordPress website, or theme, or both, and you want to get it right. Pull up a chair. You’re in the right place.

Acabado is a WordPress theme that redefines the PageSpeed landscape. Acabado Theme is a game-changer that replaces your minimum daily requirement of plugins. Schema, SEO, analytics, image compression and other web essentials that were once difficult to get right, even for programmers, have suddenly become automatic. They’re built-in.

Being first in marketing is important. First place gets about half of the market. Second place gets half of what’s left and third place gets half of that. Got it? Sometimes the market is big enough for many players, but only one is first.

I am uniquely qualified to give this review because I tried to do this, myself three years ago. I hired an international team. I spent years and spent thousands of dollars on devs – and failed.

I am an affiliate marketer. I was a Ranger at Word Camp San Francisco in 2013 and 2014. I left WordPress because I couldn’t get the PageSpeed Insight numbers I needed. To get better scores, I coded my pages by hand. Here’s why.

People are impatient! I watched my visitors on Google analytics. Most of my customers came from mobile. And, most of them bounced after only seconds! Yikes.

And, I can tell you that I’m not the only one who sees this. When I was studying programming, I heard stories that stuck with me.

Website Speed is Important

In the early days, Walmart was feeling competition pressure from Amazon dot com. To meet this challenge, Walmart spent over one million dollars on their own website. But when they realized it would never be faster than Amazon, they threw it out and started over. You don’t have a million dollars to waste on a website.

If your web page is too slow, your visitors will bounce. They don’t care about your website or how pretty it is. The parents of a 7 year old who won’t eat want to know why. They they care about getting that answer – and fast.

Let me use a new car analogy. When you buy a new car from the dealer, it has everything you want – radio, air conditioning, power steering, power breaks, tinted windows, comfy seats – the works. That’s how WordPress is, too. The core has everything you want built in. You just have to turn it on.

Some theme devs don’t know WordPress already has a “radio” and “air conditioning”, or they choose to ignore it. They build WordPress themes with their own custom made radios and mount a custom air conditioner to the roof.

Add-ons Are Failures

A theme like this is a failure. No matter how good that radio is, the one that came with the car is better. No matter how good the air conditioner is, when it’s mounted to the roof, the car is slower.

Some of the best selling themes at ThemeForest are failures. The extra radios and air conditioners are added on in a way that makes WordPress inherently slower.

This isn’t new. Justin Tadlock is part of the WordPress team and he tackled this problem, twice, years ago. Ultimately he made a theme for ThemeForest. His theme was very efficient but it didn’t sell very well because people thought it was ugly, too.

Ugly is Good

You can say this theme is ugly. I can tell you from bitter experience that it won’t matter what people think about your website if they don’t see it. Ugly themes can be made to look better, but poorly designed themes don’t give you a second chance once visitors have left.

Some people think the Tesla Cybertruck is ugly, too. The cybertruck has better specs than any other truck on the road. Everyone will compare their truck to this and manufacturers will imitate this vehicle. It sold out because it solves people’s problems.

Also, I’m old enough to remember choosing a short video from YouTube and having ample time to make and drink a cup of coffee while it downloaded. Ugly technology that is functional will always win over fancy things that don’t work.

If you really think this theme is ugly, change it. That’s what child themes are for.

I tip my hat to Jim and Ricky who understood that this could be done with a WordPress theme – and hired the folks who knew how to do it. And they succeeded where I failed.

And, there’s a difference between fast and apparently fast. The Amazon website takes almost forever, but they spend huge amounts of money to make it appear to load fast. That’s even more money you would spend on your website.

As an affiliate marketer, understand ROI (Return on Investment). In my view, the less you spend on useless things, the more you keep for yourself. You want your website paying you, not the other way around. A quality theme is good investment. This one is a keeper.

If you want to make money with affiliate marketing. You need a fast website. If you don’t buy it, your competitor will. If you don’t have the money for a team, or even a dev, you can speed up your website with a theme. This theme. Acabado.

Why I Left WordPress and Why I Came Back

I’m an affiliate marketer. Doing this work with WordPress was a chore. No matter which theme I used, the speeds were slow. Google penalized my sites for poor quality, no matter how good my SEO was.

Many of us know that Google ranks web pages based partly on speed. Getting a good page speed has become important for SEO rankings. And this has led people to find ways to speed up their WordPress websites. Up to now, some websites are fast except for WordPress.

This is due partly to WordPress being a database architecture, but also because of the plugins and large images. Big photos can be a big problem with website speed.

Page speed is a major factor in SEO. Optimizing mobile web pages for Google search results pages is important for SEO. Marketing experts know that a fast web page makes a difference in their Google ranking.

Bootstrap can be made faster, but not everyone knows how to build with Bootstrap. WordPress is a big part of the Internet, so getting WordPress faster is important.

There are ways to improve your speed, and therefore your score. One way to do this is with faster WordPress themes. The Acabado Theme is a highly optimized WordPress Theme designed to give you the webpage speeds you need. Acabado has given my site the highest Google PageSpeed Insights scores I’ve ever seen.

If you’re starting or upgrading your website, or even if you’re not, you need Acabado. it’s that important. Acabado is a WordPress theme that’s immediately shown me results and it can do the same for you.

Get started. To download Acabado Theme for your WordPress website, click here.

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