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The biggest obstacle to success is not starting. If you want an extra part-time, or even full-time income, get your website. Here. Now.

Your own website is where you can create an income that lasts, can accumulate and can increase. By researching, and writing about what you know and love, or want to know, you attract your audience. By responding to feedback, you can expand that audience and grow your market.

Every day people learn new things, ask Google and other search engines, and find new things. If there is a need, and no one else is filling it yet. You can claim that market. Google will bring them to your website – for free.

Comments, questions, and other feedback tells you what else your audience wants to see. You can research this and publish it. Search engines will deliver the best answers to the questions people are asking.

Make a Beginning

I work very hard, and I expect you will, too. What is different about your own website, is that you own your creative work, and your income can accumulate and increase because you are adding new content.

You can make your first website in seconds right here. You don’t even need a domain name. Begin your website here and now. Create an account by clicking the link below.

Start with Our Website Builder

This will include your name, address, phone and email. Why? Because it’s faster and easier! Then you will use our Website Builder to answer two questions:

  1. What is your business category?
  2. What is your business called?

Don’t worry. You really can’t get it wrong and you will be done in seconds. After you see the first draft, you can change anything. Just highlight it, change it and save. You don’t even need a domain, because it will use a subdomain. This is a place to practice your website ideas.

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Upgrade to WordPress

Later, when you have some experience, I recommend that you upgrade to WordPress. Why? Website Builder is a very large engine designed to show you results quickly. It’s not well indexed by search engines and not very good for SEO.

WordPress is a much stronger and more robust web architecture. WordPress is standard code, built by a large community, well understood and tested in the real world. It powers about thirty percent of the world’s top websites.

Why not start with WordPress?

There are several ways WordPress can really mess up your website. Newbies don’t know what these are. Learning all of these can take a while. Frankly, you need some immediate results when you are just starting out.

Website Builder gives you instant results. This builds confidence. This will encourage you to continue. Upgrading your web pages is relatively simple and easy. You can move your website yourself in just a few steps.

Start with WordPress