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Build Your Website
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Build your website without learning code. These days there's no reason to spend time on coding a website. You have better things to do with your time. Many tools are already built for you. The basics you need are a Domain Name, Web Hosting, Email and I would also add an SSL. So begin building your website without learning code.

Domain Name

Domain Names make it easy for humans to remember the actual numbered website address. There are a lot of new domain names these days. Try just putting the best name into the search to see what's available. In addition to the dot com and dot net addresses, there's everything from dot account to dot zone. Get started building your website without learning code first. There are endless possibilities for domain names. This makes it easy for you to choose. Getting the right domain name is important because it becomes your brand. Just put the best name into the search window. If you find a better name while you are building your website, you can add that domain and refine your focus. The most important part is to reserve your domain name first. Hundreds of thousands are reserved every day.

Domains $10.99/year


Members $8.50/year

Web Hosting

Learning to build your website without learning code also means web hosting. Fortunately there are only a few varieties. The traditional ones are Linux cPanel and Windows Plesk. (Windows hosting is specialized hosting and not related to Windows on your computer.) To that I would also add WordPress. WordPress now powers a large fraction of the top million websites. That's a huge number. Managed WordPress makes that even easier. Either way, Bytique has all three. You can build your website without learning code. Managed WordPress is great for people who don't code because the major code and security updates are done for you.

Hosting $95.88/year


Members $34.81/year

Domain Email

The best way to advertise your new website is to get Domain Email. Domain Email is an email address for your domain name. People will know the name of your business automatically when you message them. This is free advertising. Domain Email also makes it easy for you to keep business and personal emails separate. The cost for Domain Email is minimal and it is easy to set up and easy to use. Getting your own Domain Email account is ideal for those who make their website without learning code.

Email $119.88/year


Members $79.83/year

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Secure Socket Layer, or SSL for short, is a security feature. Also, Google ranks websites higher if they have an SSL. SSLs are becomming more popular for websites because they protect your data and your website visitors. The transactions between you are secure with an SSL. People will feel better knowing their privacy is protected. The cost is minimal. Getting an SSL set up is also rather easy. People who build their website without learning code will like how easy this is.

SSL $69.99/year


Members $23.06/year

24/7 Phone Support

Web tools are even more valuable with support. Need help? Call us. The phone is always handy. You can also email us. Call any time - day or night - and get help.

Give me your email address and I will save you money immediately.

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