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The Problem

Every day millions of people ask Google questions. Google cannot list Facebook pages. Facebook is Social Media designed to sell you advertising.


The Solution

What you need for Google is a website, your own website. The best pages are listed first, this gets your business new customers without advertising.


What is a 'Right Side Up' website?

Most websites are expensive time wasters. People spend too much on a website that never pays them back. In fact, it's usualy a total loss.

A right-side-up website is one that is profitable, or at least paying it's way. It's a website that starts and grows. Each day or week, you improve your website, and it pays it's way.

When you understand your market and you manage your customers, you begin to see the potential of your website. After you master your skills, you can build an online business that is, in fact, a real business.

Bytique is the next generation of website building technology. Bytique websites are right-side-up because they are high quality, don't need maintenance, easy to improve, and inexpensive.

Why You Need Your Own Website

Websites Make Money

Facebook is not your website

'When the service is free, you are the product'

Facebook is somebody else's website. Facebook is a billion-dollar marketing business that sells your data to advertisers and sends your customers to your competitors' pages.

Let your website do the work

Affiliate marketing websites make money. Create your own independent income, choose your own hours, and be your own boss. For that, you need your own website. Don't let Social Media use you. Use Social Media to market your business.


Do It Yourself

You can use our tools to make your own website.

See how surprisingly easy it is to get your website launched.


Done For You

We can give your website a jumpstart.

Let us give you a headstart with a theme, colors, fonts and images for your industry.

Bytique is unique

A Bytique website is custom designed for your business needs. Bytique gives you the tools you need to compete against the corporate giants effectively. We make your site designed for your industry, with selected stock images, titles, sections, basic pages, colors and fonts. All placeholder website content is editable by you. You can edit your new website from any device, including your smartphone. Just click on the word or image and change it.
Add. Edit. Replace. Delete.


Pages and Sections

All Bytique designs include many pre-built templates that can be added as Sections or Pages to make your website unique. These include About Us Pages, Contact Forms, Blogs, Photo Galleries, Site Dividers, Videos, Audios, Menus, Price Lists, Logos, Calendars and Custom Sections and Pages. These are faster than drag-and-drop and can be installed instantly with one click!

New Technology that's live in minutes

Built for you

Bytique is the next generation of website building technology. This is the fastest and easiest way to start your new website. We deliver a fully functional website, complete with titles, paragraphs, images, contact form, and more. You can click on any word or image to edit or replace it. You can add pages and sections with one click. And, you can do this anywhere from any device, even your smartphone.

Easy to Update

No coding required
Pre-built Pages
Pre-built Sections
One-click Automations
Better than drag and drop
Powerful analytics
Maintained for you

Easy to Market

We're always here to help you
Update from ANY device
Built for mobile
Multiple languages
More about languages
Multiple currencies
More about currencies

Easy to Network

24/7 Phone support
Email Support
Step-by-step instructions
Video tutorials
Chat community
And more to help you succeed!

Three Great Plans

Bytique Personal

Easy to Update

Features Include:
Set-up for you
Custom Theme
Custom Color
Custom Font
Mobile Design
Website Hosting
Rapid Pages
Blog Ready
SSL Security
Step-by-Step Add-ons
24/7 Sales/Support

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Bytique Business

Easy to Market

Bytique Personal plus
PayPal Buy Now Buttons
PayPal Donate Buttons
Search Engine Support
Affiliate Principles
Affiliate Tools
Affiliate Sources
Affiliate Support
Marketing Support

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Bytique Plus

Easy to Network

Bytique Business plus
Social Media Integration
Share Content to Facebook
eCommerce Support
eCommerce Tools
eCommerce Principles
Networking Support
Drop Shipping Support

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From happy customers

"Happy to not code"

I am technology challenged and this was easy even for me. I am the proud owner of a new website.

- Linda Goodman

"Great Product!"

How can I say this better? I love it. Just like the website says.

- Tom Docker

"My grama can do it"

Iban Bomboudiac

That's great! My grama could run her blog with Bytique in two minutes and it's awesome, it's easy. Yea, I like it. I love it. (Say it in French, please?)... (and in French)

- Iban Bomboudiac

I did it, you can too

Make money in your sleep
Location-independent income
Be your own boss
Work from home
Retirement income
Job for single moms
Work in your spare time

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